I recently changed my basic touch screen mobile phone to a super duper smart phone, not the one that rhymes with Pie Bone. It’s strange to think that this little box of metal and plastic that fits snugly in my palm now has the ability to run my life. This thing has turned into my – camera, email checker, twitter browser, Facebook stalker portal, diary, alarm, watch, pen and paper, sat nav, cinema ticket booker, mp3 player, You Tube video watcher, internet gateway and a hell of a lot more. I don’t even need this laptop that I’m using to write this post anymore but as it keeps my lap warm I guess it’s stuck with me.


I can use my phone to do everything but I still need 4, yes, 4 remote controls to operate my evening TV entertainment. 1 for the actual TV, 1 for the satellite, 1 for the blu ray player (if I wanted to watch a film) and 1 for my surround sound system.  I just think it’s a little stupid. Why can one object run half my life when I need an arsenal of remotes just to watch TV.


Now, I know you can buy all in one miracle remotes that do more than one thing but do they actually work? Unless you have the latest models of electronics I’m sure that you would still need an additional remote. I bought one of these a few years ago, and I guess I should have listened to my mantra for a change “Buy cheap, buy twice” but who actually listens to themselves? The remote I bought from Flea Bay was so useless that every time you placed your phone next to it it would wipe its memory and you would have to reprogram it. So now I have to resort to spending at least 5 minutes each evening trying to gather the remotes so I can settle down and drown myself in drivel.


Technology is moving so fast that I am afraid that I have got to that age already where I’m scared I will be left behind. Soon the future will turn into a version of “I Robot”. I’m not complaining though, as long as I have a friendly robot that doesn’t mind me wittering on all day I will be fine. If I can program it to cook me the perfect steak and make the perfect Malibu and coke combo then even better. Knowing my luck though, I will be so old by then the only thing it will be doing is lifting me out of the bath and helping me put my socks on but until then I’m off to check down the side of the sofa

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