I know – a pun for every occasion!


I take back everything I said in the last post regarding my trainers. I believe I quoted them being as being  “a very comfy and more importantly, supportive pair of shoes” – yeah whatever! They were so supportive it felt like the bones on the side of my foot were being crushed by a tiny demons. Comfy? They rubbed to the point where I got a deep infected blister and was put on antibiotics. Ok, these are fantastic shoes and built to last a thousand marathons but they were just not for me, it just took 40 miles of walking to figure this out. It seems that my feet were not as bad as I first thought and didn’t need so much help.


Some advise if you were thinking of buying some trainers –
* Don’t go into a shop with a little too much excitement and eagerness to get going.


* Don’t get distracted but the assistant with unnaturally good looks. Very, very important point!


* Make sure you read the point above ^


* Concentrate on what your feet are saying to you and not so much on if the colour matches your eyes.


* Make sure you try on more than one pair of trainers! Yes folks, you heard me right. I hang my head in shame.


* Don’t look the assistant in their beautiful eyes and say “I’ll take them damn it”. I’m the first to advise people to shop around and check prices online – did I? pfffff no! I bought the first pair I try on.


After starting training officially and following the schedule they sent in the first run pack I had to admit defeat in my shoe choice. I went to The Sweatshop in Brighton and as soon as I walked in I wished I had gone there first. The selection of shoes on display was impressive and the attention the assistant was giving the customer was a positive sign. I had to wait a good 20 minutes but it was worth the wait. I tried on a million pairs of shoes, I concentrated, listened to everything that was said and then decided on a pair of “Maziuno inspire wave 8”. They even came with a no quibble 30 day returns policy so I could test drive the wonders. They have been amazing from the start and I really mean it this time.


After making sure I wear a trusty blister plaster and my running socks I am ready to rock. I had trouble with the laces only because I couldn’t seem to get them right but that was me. They were either too loose so they rubbed slightly or too tight to stop the rub but crush my bridge. I fixed this problem with Xtenex Auto Blocking Elastic Laces.


They may look odd but, oh my, they work! Once you have them threaded and adjusted you leave them alone, you slip your foot in and out and you don’t even have to tie them up, they just stay there! They instantly fixed my problem and they stretch perfectly when my feet heat up and need a little more room. My trainers have now been my good friends for over 180 miles. Sweatshop – I owe you my feet, thank you!


Until the next post.  Ta raaa x

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