…I did warn you that there would be puns and I would hate to disappoint after all. Oh, there’s more don’t worry!

One of the worse things to do while trying to get in the correct mind set to train is to sit in front of a scorching fire with the Fuzz snuggled up behind me while watching Australian Masterchef.  Ooooooophhhh!! I have never seen the point in 3D televisions but bring on the future where “Scratch & Sniff” (and taste) TV sets are the norm. Perfect roasted pork belly with…. Stop it! Stop it! Sorry, I digress. Thats what happens when your 99% carnivore and 1% insane.

Back to the mission on hand – Hare accessories, right!

When you tell people you are going to do a bit of walking for charity they automatically think it’s easy. I’m not saying that’s you but some people I have told look at me like they are thinking either “Walking? Whatever, I can do that, I walk all the time” or “You?? The furthest I have seen you walk is to your car and back”  When you say 26.2 miles it is actually pretty hard to imagine how far it really is.  To tell you the truth, I can’t even start to fathom what it will be like. I do a 22 mile trip to work and back but I have never had the inclination to walk it.

It is suggested that you should start training 8 weeks before the walk but with a total lack of fitness and a niggling ankle injury to contend with, I have decided to start early. A wise man once told me “Slow and steady wins the race” or at least finishes it with all limbs still functioning and not causing your much loved teammate to break out in extreme case of tourettes whilst dragging your sorry arse over the line.

Even though we were still waiting for our walk packs we were both carried away with the fact that we got a place which led to us getting carried away with kitting ourselves out with the right gear.  We both took a trip to running shops and got advice regarding the correct footwear….. I won’t embaress myself (again) with my story of how I came about my awesome Nike Zoom Structure trainers but I ended up with a very comfy and more importantly, supportive pair of shoes.

To keep an eye on our training progress and to make things a little competitive we both purchased a Nike SportsBand. These amazing wrist bands collect data from the Sportband sensor that cleverly fits into your Nike insole. It keeps track of your distance, pace, calories burnt and the time. After each walk you plug the band into your computer and it uploads the data to your page so you can keep an eye on your progress and so your team mate can spy on you , yeah – I know you do. I have recently discovered that you can’t cheat by racking up distance on an exercise bike or doing step ups on the Wii – it was merely research I promise.


Along with all the usual walking freindly clothing our actual walk outfits for the night have been planned and bra designs have been discussed but that’s for another post.

All there is to do now is train our little tails off!! I better stop eatting the left over mince pies and chocolates then….

Head up, Chest out and look lively!


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